7 European Fashion Trends I Wish Would Hit the States Already

  1. Sports coats, all day everyday

The men in Europe are always dressed so smartly, I miss it already and I’ve been home for 2 weeks. I’m telling you, it’s very possible to have a sport coat or suit jacket for every season, in every color, in every fabric. For example, pairing a nice khaki linen jacket over a plain white button down that’s untucked with a well-fitting pair of dark wash denim for the summer? TO DIE FOR.

  1. Neck scarves

I love these little guys, and I bought 3 of them while abroad. Now being home, I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to pull them off. They instantly class up a V-neck and jeans into a fashionable and appropriate outfit.

  1. Head scarves

To keep the ball rolling with the whole scarf theme, I figured I’d toss these bad boys in here as well. I feel like it’s such a classic Parisian woman vibe to have a head scarf on, while eating a macaroon in front of the Eiffel Tower.  I personally never attempted the look, but I loved seeing it in every country I visited.

  1. The man purse

Picture this: a well-dressed man in his sports coat and beautiful leather shoes walking by in a hurry looking all important clutching his satchel at his side. What a look. Let’s be real, how convenient would it be for men in America to carry around a purse in a socially acceptable way? I bet a whole bunch secretly want to, and only a few dare attempt. But hey, a girl can dream.

  1. Embroidered everything

Now this is a trend that is slowly making its way into our world here, but I want more. The amount of denim just utterly covered in embroidered roses was amazing. Even some designer shoes are getting in on the action with embroidered floral patterns. I love it I love it I love it. I want more of it here ASAP!

  1. Tights

Now you may or may not be aware that showing a lot of leg as a women in Europe is just not common. In no way am I trying to say that the looks I got while rocking mini dresses were okay, but it really gave me a new appreciation for styling tights. I’m not just saying your classic everyday sheer pantyhose, I’m talking about glitter and script and florals and anything else you could possibly imagine! The tights are seen as the center piece in some outfits, and it was amazing.

7. Confidence

I think you’ll notice a theme with me ending all my posts in a cheesy manner, but this last one is so true. Everyone in Europe, both women and men alike, just wear whatever they feel like wearing! They don’t care how they look, and you can just tell. Yet at the same time, the quality and timeless pieces they’re throwing together in unique ways just look so good. It was very intimidating to enter one of the fashion capitals of the world surrounded by beautiful Italians looking amazing in an outfit I’d never dream of wearing. But you know what? I finally started to step out of my comfort zone a little and I think I’ve officially defined my style. Being in such an open and eclectic place both put the pressure on me to step up as well as gave me the comfort in knowing I’d still blend in. I hope I don’t lose this new sense of style now that I’m back home.


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