A College Kid’s Summer Struggles

It’s time to get real here, summers as a college kid are hard. I don’t know if I’m completely unique in my struggle this summer, but what better way to let go of some stress than to put words to it.

I’m currently working two jobs, one of which is unpaid for school credit. I absolutely love my internship don’t get me wrong, but with the two schedules I already have, it’s impossible for me to find a third job that will actually hire me with my very limited availability. So I’m struggling to earn the money back that I spent while abroad in Italy with only one paycheck. Let me tell you something, that’s not easy. I feel like an absolute jerk for having no money, because all of it is either spent on gas, food, or is saved. That’s leaving everyone around me paying for me when we go out to do fun things and although I’m very appreciative, I hate it! I feel awful about it and just down right awkward to be honest. I’m in such a weird spot when it comes to money lately.

Anyway, money aside, there are some other struggles as a college kid during the summer that I think are a little more relatable:

  1. No free time!

Summer is supposed to be the break season, the sit back and relax season, yet here I am wondering when I’ll have the time to actually do so. I know quite a few people in the same boat as me, with working multiple jobs and only having time to sleep in between them, so I’m stuck here asking when my “summer break” is supposed to begin.

  1. Summer classes

If you are anything like me, well, you think you can do it all. And you know what? You can! It’s just a really aggravating process to do so. I’m in the honors college at my school with a very intensive major and I’m a double minor. My semester schedules are pretty jam packed and don’t always work out how I want, so sometimes I’m left with taking summer courses to stay on track with graduating on time. So the whole no free time thing because of two jobs? Add two classes worth of homework in that mix as well.

  1. FOMO

Although you’re dog tired and all you want to do is sleep and recover from a long day of responsibility, the last thing you want to let your young self do is miss out on a fun night with friends. Even if the much better answer for yourself is to stay in and recoup, you bet your booty you’ll be out that night pretending you don’t have a care in the world because that’s just what you’re expected to do at this age. Ahhh the expectations of getting drunk and having fun, such a hard life am I right? But it really can add a whole different level of stress to your summer break self.

Before I let this thing get way too long, I figure I’ll stop it here and give one little bit of advice. If I can do all of these things and still find the time to take an occasional nap, so can you. I’m hoping this post reaches some viewer who is overly stressed out this summer and thinks they’re alone in the struggle. I’m here to say you’re not alone, and you will make it out just fine. So keep chugging along and accomplish everything you desire to this summer. You of all people should know you can.


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