How To Pack for Extended Vacations

I, a fashion major mind you, was able to fit four months’ worth of packing into one checked bag, a carryon, and a backpack. If I can accomplish that, so can you! Here are some tips on how to pack effectively to give even the most fashionable people some variety within their abroad wardrobe.

  1. Layers

Just pack in layers. Bring a few tanks, a few v-necks, one or two light sweaters, a cardigan, a denim shirt, and some different jackets. All of a sudden one tank can be worn a bunch of different ways! You have to try to think of all the pairing possibilities you can have with your limited options.

  1. Jackets

Speaking of layers, what jackets you bring are important. Here is what I did: one leather jacket, one linen military style jacket, one wool coat, one zip-up hoodie, one linen vest, one cotton bomber. The majority of these jackets are very thin materials so I was able to roll them up tightly and fit all of outerwear in my carryon. The perk of multiple thin coats? I was never cold because I could bundle everything up at once!

  1. Wear a lot on the plane ride there

For example; I wore my wool coat over a heavy sweater which was over an oversized t-shirt. Then I wore my most comfortable pair of jeans to help save space, and a larger pair of boots. I know flying can be uncomfortable and exhausting and I bet no one wants to wear jeans on a plane but it really helped a lot with saving valuable space.

  1. Black essentials

I feel as if everyone’s go to outfit of choice for a night on the town involves wearing black. So bring a few basics to get the job done and rotate shirts and jeans and no one will ever accuse you of being the oh so dreaded “outfit repeater.” Let’s be real, no one notices when it comes to an all-black outfit, they really don’t. So don’t go too crazy with the night-life wear. I promise you don’t need it all as much as you think.

  1. Vacuum bags

I personally had the reusable rolling bags that create an airtight seal, but either version of this kind of space saving mechanism is so helpful. Granted, with all the space saved doesn’t necessarily mean you can pack even more because of the weight limit rules at airports. However, it does give some peace of mind that your favorite bras aren’t getting squished beyond repair on the way to your destination.

  1. Leave open space!

You and I both know you’re going shopping wherever you’re traveling to, so let’s plan for that shall we? You don’t need that extra “but what if I need this” shirt that you know you don’t even wear at home as it is. Trust me on this one, don’t pack in excess. I could name about 14 pieces I never wore that I brought with “just in case.” Do yourself the favor, and save space!

  1. Shoes

No you don’t need four different heel options as you gallivant through Europe. You really don’t. Bring your one pair of go to heels that you can genuinely walk in that are actually comfortable, and that’s it. You’ll wear them less often than you think. Bring some good sneakers, comfy sandals, and maybe a pair or two of closed toe flats. You and your feet will thank me later for this one.

Of course everyone is different and what you may want to bring doesn’t fit into any of these categories. But if you’re smart with how you pack your basics, you’ll have more than enough space to bring all the Instagram-able outfits you’ve already planned in your head. I hope this helps! Leave a comment with any other packing tips I’ve missed!


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